Strategic Asset Planning

You have broadly diversified the investment of your assets – which is a good decision, in principle.

But is the structure really aligned with your personal wishes and goals? Where are the hidden opportunities and risks in your asset structure?

A comprehensive analysis of your assets will provide valuable answers to these questions.

Taking into account your personal goals, we will completely elicit your current financial situation in the context of strategic asset planning. We spend a lot of time on this financial review of your assets because it is the foundation for all further steps.


Process Planning


The financial balance sheet and the statement of revenues/expenditures created during this process provide the basis for proposals to optimize your assets with respect to your personal wishes and goals.

Charles Darwin said that “Nothing in the history of life is more constant than change”, and hence even the best investment concept requires continual monitoring and adaptation. As your long-term partner, we support and accompany you on this journey.


Short check to determine your general need for advice

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • What is the structure of your assets?
  • Do you know the opportunities/risks of your assets?
  • How profitable are your assets after taxes?
  • Are you following a specific overall asset strategy?
  • Is succession assured for your company?
  • Does the transfer of assets during your lifetime play a role for you?

Whatever your concern – we will gladly help you optimize your asset structure and support you in your financial planning.