Corporate Services

The fact that our origins lie in a medium-sized enterprise means that we have experience in dealing with the opportunities and risks of business activities, with refinancing of investment capital, and with managing interest rate and foreign exchange risks. To optimize the success of the investment decisions you have made, smart refinancing of the capital is of crucial importance.

We support you with regard to the development of custom-tailored credit constructs, the selection of interesting incentive schemes, and the active management of your interest rate and foreign exchange risks. However, not only the present time is important; future investments also need to be refinanced in a predictable manner. This makes it indispensable to have credit portfolio management on the basis of a solid assessment of the evolution of interest rates and foreign exchange rates.

Thanks to our long-time expertise on the Asian continent, we are an ideal partner when it comes to providing advice for your company’s expansion plans in this region. This will enable you to implement your plans in reality faster and more successfully.