Asset Management

Give yourself greater freedom and be secure in the knowledge that your assets are in good hands at all times!
If your professional responsibilities do not allow you to regularly deal with the investment structure of your assets, or if your private interests have a different focus – then delegate this task to us.

We offer you individual asset management that matches your personal risk inclination. You tell us your preferences in an extensive strategy meeting. We put together a portfolio that is aligned with your wishes and expectations and relieve you of making individual decisions.

If your assets exceed 500,000 euros, we offer you individualized and professionally managed asset management.*

This is how you gain greater personal freedom.

*from 10,000 euros, we offer a fund solution with a multi asset manager approach (see Funds)


Asset Management Process

In our asset management, we pursue the classic “top-down approach”. First our experts assess the macroeconomic factors such as economic situation, growth perspectives, interest structure, inflation, and other crucial indicators.

Then the proportion of equities, bonds, liquidity, and other investment instruments is determined in agreement with the investment guidelines provided by you.

The next steps include the selection of the most promising regions, currencies, industries, runtimes, and issuers.

It happens quite often that market developments require fast and dynamic responses in your portfolio. Thus, in addition to selecting global investment securities, we also perform strict risk monitoring and, if necessary, adapt the current securities structure to the changed situation.

Your personal point of contact will regularly report to you on the performance of your investments. If you have any questions, we are also available to assist you at any time –  satisfied customers are our top priority.

Our independent asset management has a transparent fee structure. We only receive our fees from you. All portfolio commissions and other compensations from banks are directly credited to your account.

Asset management brings you greater freedom.