Security, Independence and Professionality

Security and Supervision

Your accounts and securities accounts are maintained exclusively in your name at a bank of your choice.

The securities in your securities account are special assets and are always protected in the event of bankruptcy of the custodian bank.

When selecting your custodian banks for securely safekeeping your assets, quality is of paramount concern to us. We collaborate with the most prestigious addresses, using the entire infrastructure from the world of renowned private and major banks; upon request also with your current bank. You only give us discretionary authority to sell and buy securities. Transfers are authorized by you.

As a financial services institution in accordance with Sec 32 of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz – KWG), we are subject to continuous monitoring by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) and by external auditors with regard to business processes, capital resources, and risk control.

We are affiliated with the Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies (EdW).



Independence and Transparency

The most important prerequisite for putting responsibility into action in a sustainable manner is to think and act independently. We do not cooperate with sales partners, we negotiate with them – on your behalf. This is why conflicts of interest are not an issue for us. This allows us to pursue individual strategies that are oriented solely towards your goals and needs. Transparency is also essential for us. This is how we ensure, for example, that portfolio commissions from investment funds are paid directly to you. We make our actions transparent and also, of course, our fees – free of commissions and other additional compensation – because the only one entitled to these is: you.


Professionality and Quality

Our Family Officers have many years of experience from working at major banks and private banks. These experts represent professionality and quality in dealing with assets and have the necessary instincts when it comes to assessing the international capital markets. Predefined standardized solutions have no raison d’être in our corporate image.
One must know one’s risks in order to master them. Our technically sophisticated portfolio management and reporting system assures that risks are monitored at all times. In connection with our external independent research sources, this allows us to make the best investment decisions for your assets, regardless of whether you have given us a discretionary asset management mandate or an advisory mandate.