framas Treuhand Family Office Fund I and Fund II

The only investors who shouldn’t diversify are those who are right 100% of the time.
John M. Templeton, Investment fund founder


framas Treuhand Family Office Fund I

The basic idea of a fund is the combination of several excellent asset managers with controlling done by a Family Office, which is normally reserved only for investors with very large assets. The goal of a fund is to obtain adequate increases in value for its investors, taking into account investment risks. By diversifying via different advisors and investment styles, the investment success is consolidated and the overall risk in the investment portfolio is reduced.

Currently our fund management is advised by the experts of the ODDO BHF-Bank Trust GmbH, Rhein Asset Management (Lux) S.A. and Flossbach von Storch. The individual segment advisors independently put together a portfolio within the context of the investment boundaries specified by the fund management. Each of these is a globally diversified, balanced portfolio, comprising mostly sectional title investments in the area of equities and bonds. Investment fund solutions must only be used for the systematic mapping of auxiliary markets and special investment topics up to a maximum of 10% of the fund assets. We exclude non-transparent, highly speculative, or very cost-intensive investment classes from the investment universe of the fund on purpose. The mandated segment advisors all get direct mandates – thus, the additional cost level of a fund of funds is eliminated. Equity investment has been limited by the fund management to a maximum of 50%.

Following careful selection and mandating of the segment advisors, the task of fund management is to perform detailed settlement control regarding fair market conditions. We also do uniform performance measurement and a thorough performance analysis of the individual asset managers as well as of the overall fund. The fund manager holds regular performance meetings with the mandated asset managers.

> Download framas Treuhand Family Office Fund I – (Monthly Factsheet – German)

> Download framas Treuhand Family Office Fund I – (Daily Factsheet – German)

framas Treuhand Family Office Fund II

For investors who prefer designing their investments more dynamically, we use the same criteria to establish another fund. With the framas Treuhand Family Office FUND II, the fund management initially receives advice from the experts of the ODDO BHF Trust GmbH and Flossbach von Storch. Equity investment may vary between 51% and 100%. Holding higher cash positions for a short time and using hedging strategies is expressly permitted.

> Download framas Treuhand Family Office Fund II – (Monthly Factsheet – German)

> Download framas Treuhand Family Office Fund II – (Daily Factsheet – German)

Advantages of the Multi Asset Manager Strategy in the Funds

framas Treuhand Family Office Fund I


framas Treuhand Family Office Fund II

  • Direct access to individual mandates of the best asset managers in Germany – no cost-intensive fund of funds construct.
  • High degree of diversification due to the mandating of several asset managers with different investment styles.
  • Continual and sustainable returns through broad diversification.
  • Regular monitoring and comparison of the asset managers‘ performance by our fund managers.
  • Inspection of the individual securities settlements of all managers with regard to hidden costs, correct foreign exchange rate billing, and compliance with the investment criteria.
  • Regular personal contact with the asset managers in order to quickly detect changes in the portfolio management.
  • Upon request, we can let the fund investor take a look at the inside of the fund and provide a “transparent report”, where each single investment position is listed transparently.
  • The mandated asset managers do not need to follow any benchmark, which allows them to make more flexible investment decisions in line with the interests of the investors.
  • Transparency and understandability of the individual investment products are of paramount importance.
  • No personal ties to any asset managers. Thus, making decisions on an emotional level is prevented.
  • Attractive price/performance ratio.

Our top priority is stable performance of our investors’ capital!

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