History and Tradition

Franz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand – a Short Profile

Since it was founded in the year 1948, our parent company, the framas Group, has evolved into a global market leader for plastic components in the sports shoe industry and into a globally operating corporation. All along, the philosophy of the owners – long-term vision, sustainability, and mutual trust – has been preserved.

Over the course of many years, our owner family has experienced on their own how hard it is to create wealth, to preserve it, protect it, increase it, and transfer it to the next generation. Assuring continuity, transparency, independence, and professionality are the key factors in this endeavor. Only an independent company can offer services that far exceed the capabilities of a bank and exclusively represent the interests of its clients.

These experiences have led the family members of the framas Group to offer these services also to third parties in the future, and to establish a Family Office on the market.